Bus drivers picket Metro Mobility Management, complain about unlawful practices, poor conditions

More than a handful of bus drivers picketed signs early Tuesday morning in front of Metro Mobility Management's bus hub, chanting about unlawful practices and poor working conditions.

The workers said they are being treated unfairly, they receive little pay for long hours and no health care benefits.

Workers said they are not satisfied and frustrated by Metro Mobility Management group's illegal evasion of their attempts to negotiate a first contract.

The company took over driving the elderly and disabled from Palm Tran Connection back in August.

This protest comes a week after a state representative called for an investigation into the transit company. Workers said they're taking the blame for late pick ups and no shows, when its really a management issue.

Reps with Amalgamated Transit Union, who represents the drivers, plan to share their concerns regarding the company and its past financial history with county commissioners during a meeting this afternoon.

Union reps said that MMMG sent a letter to them nearly a week ago about contract negotiations, but has yet to happen.

Calls were made to MMMG, but have yet to be returned.

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