Burglars steal West Palm Beach family's beloved parrot

Levy family now offering reward

Seth Levy mimicked his beloved parrot, as he whistled Strangers in the Night.


Levy and his wife, Claudia Ruiz-Levy, miss their bird's songs.


On Wednesday, the African Grey Parrot they've raised for 18 years, since before his feathers formed, disappeared. The grey-colored bird with a red tail could replicate his dad's voice and sneak through the doggy door.


"We just want him back," said Ruiz-Levy. With a shaky voice, she raised the questions, "I mean, who takes a bird? Who takes a pet?"


A broken cage and two of Sidney's grey-black feathers are what's left behind at their West Palm Beach home. Sidney's sister, a macaw named Soleil, remains there, too. Levy can tell Soleil is upset. She threatens to nip him multiple times.


"From both an emotional standpoint, as well as a financial standpoint, it's pretty devastating," he said.


Levy found the house in shambles after work, on the day before Thanksgiving.


A Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office report confirms it was a burglary in broad daylight. Electronics and cash were gone. Ruiz-Levy says the burglars also stole her later mother's jewelry.


"I try to think, those are things. It's jewelry, but the emotional component of that is very difficult," said Ruiz-Levy.


Even still, she says what's worth more than her mom's wedding ring is Sidney, that smart, sweet parrot that surpassed the label of "animal" to become family.


"He even made it to our Christmas card," she said, holding up the card that reads, "Peace & Joy From The Levys."


The couple is posting stolen pet signs at pet shops and supermarkets. They're also offering a reward for an undisclosed amount; no questions asked.

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