Burglars break into Palm Beach County Urban League again

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Urban League of Palm Beach County is dealing with yet another break-in.

Wednesday morning workers were greeted by a boarded up front door and glass on the ground, according to the Urban League’s Kate Alvarado.

“We are hopeful there will be footage on there that will be able to bring an end to this,” she said.

According to Alvarado, surveillance cameras were just installed last week. She says the latest burglary happened around three o'clock Wednesday morning and it appears a man broke into the building.

The Urban League says it believes the man grabbed a piece of cement and  threw it several times into the door, shattering the glass.

A computer and a tablet were stolen. But five burglaries within two years add up for the nonprofit organization. Kate said,

"Just over six computers, seven, a tablet, thousands of dollars in replacement costs, thousands of dollars in replacing windows and doors. We are still working to further secure the building it's just the costs are really, really great."

The Urban League is hopeful the surveillance video will help police solve the crime. 

Sabrina Bacquie, who has been helped by the organization, also wants the crime solved. "The Urban League is good for the community it helps the clients with their needs and if they keep breaking in to the property it's going to affect the monies that come in to assist the people within the community."

Anyone with information on the burglary should contact West Palm Beach police.

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