Budget Committee unanimously votes for SB 416 bill to ban texting while driving in Florida

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A texting while driving ban cleared the Senate's budget panel on Tuesday -- one of the first steps needed in passing a state-wide ban.

The ban would make texting and driving a secondary enforcement, meaning you wouldn't get pulled over for texting and driving.

Instead, a police officer could give you a ticket after you're pulled over for another offense.

A $30 fine would follow and if you crashed while texting, points could be taken off your driver's license.

Andy Bolles of West Palm Beach said he thinks texting and driving is definitely dangerous.

"I think a lot of states have passed a law to make it illegal now and I think it's a smart thing," said Bolles.

West Palm Beach resident Michael Blum thinks more needs to be done.

"There will still be a lot of people driving, texting, no body will ever say anything to them, never get their cellphone confiscated or anything like that," said Blum. "So it could be one of those laws that would be good in theory, but in practice it's not going to make much difference."

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