Broward County Administrator: Drivers don't like to be fooled

Several gas stations cited for sign violations

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Gone are the days where you drive by a gas price sign in Broward County, only to learn at the pump that paying with plastic would cost you more. 

"I was happy when they finally make that the law because that was misleading to come in expecting to pay one price and when you pulled up to the pump it was another price," said Terry Ripoll.

But not every gas station immediately updated it's signs two years ago. Dozens needed to be reminded. Initially, at least five stations in Hollywood, Pembroke Pines and Fort Lauderdale violated the ordinance. 

"The business will get a notice of non compliance saying you have to correct the situation, if they don't they get a citation and then they can get a penalty," said Mona Fandel, administrator for the Broward County Consumer Protection Division.

Penalties start at $250 for the first offense, and climb to $500 for the second. Broward drivers who travel north are pleased Palm Beach County is getting on board. 

"My family lives here and I lived in Orlando, so I probably paid that price many times in WPB in the past."
"It happened to me in PSL and I wasn't happy about it, about a month ago."

Broward County inspectors are still investigating complaints, although administrators say they have dropped drastically. 

"The more accurate information that people have, the better the marketplace is. People don't like to be fooled," said Fandel.

There is a state law that requires gas signs to clearly show a cash price if that is what it is. Local drivers wanted more than that.