Brewzzi at CityPlace closes after bankruptcy judge approves eviction order

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - It's closing time for Brewzzi at CityPlace, possibly for good. 

On Tuesday, after months of legal wrangling, a bankruptcy judge granted CityPlace's request to take back possession of the retail space that the restaurant occupied for 11 years on the second floor close to the main parking structure.


Archie Stoltz, director of marketing for Brewzii, tells us that they plan to appeal and reopen as early as next week.

This morning though, the location is closed and crews are taking down signs. According to WPTV NewsChannel 5 Reporter Brian Entin, employees showed up for work to find the restaurant closed.

In June, Brewzzi filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for its CityPlace and Boca Raton locations. 

The restaurant had been in a legal battle with CityPlace in recent months.

On June 20, CityPlace, claiming that Brewzzi was late with its June rent, sent sheriff's deputies to shut down the restaurant.

The restaurant's lawyers rushed to the courthouse to fight the move, and the restaurant reopened several hours later. The Chapter 11 filing for Brewzzi was filed the same day.

The Boca Raton location remains open.

According to The Palm Beach Post , Brewzzi's rent at CityPlace was $56,000 a month.

A spokesperson for CityPlace released the following statement:

"We have worked diligently for several years to try and resolve the non-payment issues with Brewzzi, as CityPlace holds each of its tenants in high regard and provides support on many levels to help them succeed. Unfortunately, even after such time and multiple concessions, Brewzzi was not able to meet the clearly defined terms of the lease agreement and settlement stipulation that both sides agreed upon last Fall. It’s an unfortunate situation, and one that CityPlace worked hard to avoid.”

Archie Stoltz, director of marketing for Brewzzi, told NewsChannel 5 the company is not giving up.

"Brewzzi is disappointed by this week's ruling and the affect it will have on Brewzzi CityPlace's employees and customers. We are trying to resolve this as quickly as we can and we are confident that after our appeal we will be able to reopen," Stoltz said.

"It is unfortunate that this could not be resolved with CityPlace in a different manner. Brewzzi Boca Raton will continue to operate as normal, and as always we welcome our loyal patrons."

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