Sebastian Chavez : Boy's organs to be donated, helping five to seven others

Friends gather for moment of silence for young boy

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - An emotional day for a local family saying goodbye to a four year old boy.

Sebastian Chavez was taken off of life support Tuesday. He, his sister Samantha and mother Kerri were critically injured in a crash Thursday in the Acreage. 

The past five days have been devastating for friends and family, praying Sebastian would improve. Tuesday a selfless decision was made to let him go, so he could give life to others. 

Close friends of the Chavez family took a moment of silence at the crash site along Northlake Boulevard and Hall Road Tuesday in Sebastian's honor.

We are told that at 2 p.m. he was taken off life support. With the signs of the tragic crash around them, those friends released balloons and looked to the sky.

"It's hard because we were in Kerri's car, my daughter and I a lot, and we happened not to be together that day. That takes on a whole new meaning for me when I saw the vehicle, we just happened not to be in there, so it's personal for me," said Norma Korczynski, who says she's Kerri Chavez's best friend.

Chavez's car collided with a dump truck Thursday at Northlake Boulevard and Hall Road. She and her daughter Samantha remain in the hospital. 

"On their behalf I'm going to respect their privacy, but they're on a good road to recovery," said Norma.

Norma started a Facebook page so people could show their support. She posted a picture of Sebastian as a super hero. We're told five to seven others will be given his organs.

"If there's any silver lining, there are families that are grateful for this," said Norma.

Grateful the little boy will be remembered in the role he loved. 

"When you have a child around his age you hold him a little tighter, I got to hold Sebastian's hand and I carry that with me," said Norma.

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