Boston terror attacks spark nationwide running fundraiser

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Grant Maughan is an avid runner.   He ran the Boston Marathon, finishing about an hour before the bombings.

"When it happened it was like a surreal experience and something like that you don't really want to experience again but seeing all those people scared and crying and running, really affected me, you know, and of course I run I thought 'what else could I do but just go out and keep running,' you know?"

So he teamed up with Matt Nelson, a local runner who started a running  fundraiser for two of the bombing victims; the Richard family and Jeff Baumann.

Baumann lost his legs and the Richard family lost their eight-year-old son, Martin.
"We really felt a great connection to the family themselves." Nelson said "I mean I got three kids that are about the same age as Bill Richard has and when we looked at all the trouble that they were going through, we knew we needed to do something. So we set a goal at $26,200…and in three days we reached it."

Once they get going, they don't stop.  

Their efforts are also getting going on social media, too.  Runners from all over the world have jumped on board.

Nelson says, "I got friends in Sydney and in Melbourne that are running one, two three marathons, we got people in Norway, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore… and Kawait."

In just one week they have raised more than  $42,000…and counting.

"When it comes time for this fundraiser, we're not asking a lot. If you can give, give. If you can't give…run. And if you can't run…share. Let's get the word out. Use the power we have ahead of us, and let's get the word out and do some good. "

As long as the support is there, the legs of runners will keep moving.

In fact, there are thoughts of expanding the fundraiser. Nelson's wife Michelle is going to start swimming for the cause, and they welcome any other sports that people want to do.

For more information, Check out the web site here, or comment on Matt Nelson's Facebook page


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