Boston bombings: The security and privacy debate that begins anew

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - We are still reeling one week after the Boston Marathon bombings. The violence, death, destruction and heartache is burned into our collective memory. Inevitably, the struggle for balance begins anew.

We want heightened security but don't want to be suffocated by a security blanket. We want digital age tools, both civilian and police, to track those who would do us harm. We also worry the unblinking eye of city surveillance cameras and the global reach of the internet, your home, your smartphone, your car, your every click of a computer mouse-- will further erode our privacy in the rush to protect us.

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There are no simple answers in the search for balance between liberty and lawlessness. The threats we face and the technology we wield defy them. But it is a crucial debate and one all of us are involved in, reluctantly or not, in our shrinking world.




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