Bosque Lane arson: Forest community still on alert as neighbors prepare for meeting on arson

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- The Forest community on Bosque Lane continues to be on alert as neighbors prepare for a community meeting Thursday night.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office investigators say arson is to blame for multiple fires at the complex at 5352 Bosque Lane.  

The community meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Thursday, according to neighbors who say they received a letter in the mail from the condo association.

A week ago, fire crews battled two blazes on back-to-back nights. Investigators say propane tanks were discovered by the doors of the damaged units during one of those fires.  

At least two additional incidents occurred at the same location in the days and weeks prior, including a car that had been set on fire in front of the building.

Greg Stevens, a resident in the community, said neighbors are still talking about what's happened.  

"Now, things have kind of quieted down, we've noticed the sheriff's department patrolling the area, so residents feel a little bit more calmer that they are finally taking the community serious," he said.

Stevens says one of his neighbors woke up when she heard something in the days since the fires.

"Kinda startled because the whole mess was a drama to her, she looked out the window and noticed the Sheriff's department sitting, you know, outside her window and then realized oh, I can actually go back to sleep and feel a lot safer," he explained.

Contact Crime Stoppers if you have any information that can help investigators with this case.

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