Blue Martini faces eviction from its CityPlace location

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Blue Martini Bar located at 550 South Rosemary Avenue in CityPlace faces an uncertain future.

CityPlace, which owns the property where Blue Martini is located, has filed eviction papers against the establishment.

The court paper filed by CityPlace claims that Blue Martini, which has had a lease since 2000, owes CityPlace $140,000 for rent which was due on June 30, 2014.

CityPlace says that Blue Martini is in default because the debt is over ten days past due.

Court papers state that since the amount is past due the accrual due under the lease raises the total debt to $167,000.

CityPlace alleges in its court document that Blue Martini's lease is now terminated.

Earlier this month Brewzzi closed its doors at its CityPlace location.

On July 2  a bankruptcy judge granted CityPlace's request to take back possession of the retail space that Brewzzi occupied for 11 years on the second floor close to the main parking structure.


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