12/12/12 birthdays

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Birthdays are always special, but they're a little more special on a day like December 12, 2012.

"We realized it like two or three weeks ago and when we started to tabulate everything, we were like 'Oh my gosh," Saurissha Maldonado said.

Victor and Saurissha figured they had to surprise their son Richard at school right at 12:12 p.m.

They figured it's only fitting, considering it's Richard's 12th birthday.

"When I saw them I was like, 'Oh no, this is bad news,'" Richard said.

It might be his most embarrassing birthday yet.

"I had my head down and kept shaking it," he said. "I kept telling one of my friends to come up with me."

NewsChannel 5 asked a mathematician from Northwood University the odds of your 12th birthday falling on 12-12-12 and he said there are 25,000 to one odds.

Even more rare he said is being born on 12-12-12, which is 36,500 to one odds.

Samuel Palmer Zakarie Rhodes is one of those lucky few.  He was born at West Boca Raton Medical Center at Wednesday.

"I can't believe it," Samuel's mother, Emmalie Rhodes said. "I was expecting him to be born between December 18th and 22nd."

She had a natural birth, but she's starting to have a thing for these matching days.

Her and her husband got married on 11-11-11.

"Did you ever think this is how it was all going to workout," Ryan Calhoun with NewsChannel 5 asked.

"Never," Rhodes laughed. "Never because you can plan the wedding. You can't plan having a child."

You can't plan the day or the time.

That's why it's even more surprising that Samuel came into this world at 12:12 this morning.

"That is just crazy," Rhodes said. "I would have never imagined him coming at 12:12. I wanted him to come on this day, but never imagined him coming 12 minutes after midnight."

Who would?

There's a one in 52,560,000 chance of that happening.

You have better odds of picking a perfect NCAA bracket, being an astronaut or the president than being born at that time, on this day.

"I had a lady today say he was going to be the president," she said. "Grandma said it too. He's going to be something special that's for sure."

It might be fair to call him special Samuel.

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