Big plan for bringing more business to West Palm Beach

WATCH: The "State of the City" address stream HERE.

Mayor Jeri Muoio is hosting the annual "State of the City" address Wednesday morning.

During the meeting, Mayor Muoio is expected to announce plans that involve economic incentives that should attract private sector businesses.

At this time, the city hasn't released specifics on what businesses it's trying to attract.

According to a city spokesman, the economic incentives will "level the playing field" in Palm Beach County and will make the city of West Palm Beach "competitive with other nearby municipalities."

According to the spokesman, the plan is to make West Palm Beach look more enticing to businesses than other cities within Palm Beach County.

The meeting starts at 8 a.m. in the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

Newschannel 5 will be streaming live video from inside the convention center on

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