Bargain hunters sleep over outside stores anticipating Black Thursday, Black Friday deals

Some shoppers started wait on Wednesday

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - At a time when many are at home enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with their families, some dedicated bargain hunters were already camped outside of stores in West Palm Beach waiting for deals on Thursday.

Those dedicated deal shoppers could be seen sitting on chairs in a line that wrapped around the outside of the Best Buy on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard.

Berina Thomas of Riviera Beach was the first person waiting in line. Thomas said she got in line Wednesday morning and has spent the night outside Best Buy in order to be first through the doors when they open at midnight.

"I mean you know we're just trying to budget. Some of us don't have the money to pay regular prices so we have do this here," said Thomas.

Best Buy this year actually opens late compared to some other stores in the area. Wal-Mart, Brandsmart USA and Toys 'R' Us open doors Thursday evening.

With many of those stores opening earlier this year, it meant many had to wait in line earlier in order to snag the holiday deals.

The wait forced many in line to get creative in order to pass the time.

Some younger people played football in the Best Buy parking lot, while others read books and spent time on the tablet devices.

There was even one group who brought out a huge TV powered by a generator. Several people huddled around the screen where they played video games and watched movies to pass the time.

"We'd be at my house eating food and then we'd eat and have a good time and I'd be sitting in my room anyway playing video games getting ready for work tomorrow. So I might as well be out here having a good time and then go home and then see my family after," said Sergio Farguela, a West Palm Beach resident.

The temperature was also a factor this year for shoppers waiting in line. Many had jackets on and covered themselves in blankets. During the day, shoppers said the weather was nice. But as soon as the sun set, the temperatures became chilly especially with the breeze in the air.

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