New records reveal horrific abuse allegations against Jorge and Carmen Barahona

Recorded interview with foster mom released

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - In the year since Nubia Barahona's body was found in the back of a car on I-95 in West Palm Beach, her twin brother Victor has been in the care of Katia Garcia, his new foster mother.

The State Attorney's Office says the twins were brutally beaten by Jorge and Carmen Barahona for years.
Victor survived. Now he's opening up about the alleged abuse to his foster mother Katia.

"His father would put a bag over his head and choke him. And there were a couple times he was close to dying," said Garcia, in an earlier taped interview released Monday.

Victor tells Garcia the abuse was often to torture, not to kill. "He says his father poured hot sauce in his eyes, ears, nose and mouth."

Garcia also told investigators Victor talks about the abuse he and Nubia allegedly suffered. Both were allegedly bound by their ankles and wrists with wire or rope in the bathtub. Victor also confided in his foster mother that  Jorge Barahona would pour ice water, Clorox, even Drano on them.

Garcia says the boy is calm unless he's talking about the abuse; she says when describing it he becomes physically upset.

"He stutters, he can't complete a sentence and has nervous twitches in his eyes," says Garcia.

Jorge and Carmen remain behind bars on murder and child abuse charges. A trial date for the couple has not yet been scheduled.

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