Baby animal dyeing ban bill: Florida bills could ban the sale of animals before certain age, dyeing

WEST PALM BEACH,Fla. -- Two animal cruelty bills are gaining support by lawmakers in Tallahassee that would prohibit the sale of baby chicks, rabbits and ducklings before a certain age -- as well as stop people from dyeing them.

Lawmakers said the selling and dyeing of these animals is something that's popular around Easter time and people don't normally think of the responsibility that comes with caring for them.

Pet store owner Hillary Dupont of Wild Cargo said she would support such a bill.  

 Dupont said she gets at least 50 to 100 chicks and maybe a handful of rabbits that customers want to purchase around this time of year.

Dupont is opposed to selling the animals just for the commodity of the holiday and will turn people away if she feels the animal won't be taken care of.

"We want them to know that these are living creatures and these are not toys and that when they come in here, they're going to get the whole low down on how to properly care for them and take care of them," said Dupont. "I've turned many people down who just want to buy one little chick to give to their grand kid or child. We can't see an animal suffering or being put to use like that."

Both bills -- SB650 and HB851 -- would carry significant fines. If passed, they could go into effect as early as July.

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