Alexei Garcia: West Palm Beach man arrested, police find 28 large cannabis plants inside house

On Friday, February 15, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office agents were deployed to 2542 Carambola Road in West Palm Beach to conduct a pre search warrant surveillance.

Agents observed a man approach the residence and enter through a side door, only to exit through the front door several minutes later.

The man drove away in a beige Nissan sport utility vehicle.

Agents conducted a vehicle stop at the on ramp of northbound I-95 at Forest Hill Boulevard.

They identified the driver as Alexei Garcia.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office SWAT team entered the home on Carambola Road with a valid search warrant.

Police noted "a profuse odor of cannabis was present outside the residence."

Once inside, officers determined that the house had been "substantially and intentionally modified into an indoor cannabis manufacturing laboratory."

There was a total of 28 large cannabis plants being grown inside the home.

Garcia was charged with manufacturing cannabis, trafficking in cannabis, since the total weight of the cannabis was over 25 pounds.

Garcia was also charged with "Possess a dwelling to manufacture a controlled substance."

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