Aldo Alvarez is off house arrest

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The mentally challenged man shot by a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy is now off of house arrest.

Prosecutors and the defense agreeing to take Aldo Alvarez off of electronic monitoring.

"This is progress and a step in the right direction," Alvarez's attorney Wayne Richter said.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's investigators say Alvarez attacked a deputy in May of 2013.

Alvarez and the deputy were neighbors when investigators claim unarmed Alvarez cornered the deputy in his garage.

That's when they say the deputy shot Alvarez in self defense.

But Alvarez's attorney has always disputed the sheriff's story.

"In the two years since this has happened, Aldo has demonstrated he was not the person he was made out to be," Richter said.

A judge saying on Wednesday that Alvarez is not competent to stand trial.

It's unclear if he will ever be competent to face criminal charges.

For now, he will remain free but will be required to be with one of his parents when leaving his Royal Palm Beach home.