Brass knuckles, mace, guns uncovered at Palm Beach International by TSA agents in the last 15 days

Passengers still try to bring weapons on planes

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - They haven't been allowed on planes for years, but every day passengers at Palm Beach International Airport try getting weapons through security checkpoints.

"What surprises me frequently is the size of the knife a passenger brings, some of them bring machetes, that's not something you can forget was in your bag," says Sari Koshertz, spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration.

Brass knuckles, mace, guns were all uncovered at PBIA by TSA agents in the last 15 days. It's enough to make Francis Gill uneasy.

"It's frightening to hear what they've confiscated. I certainly wouldn't want to be on a plane when something got through," says Gill.

"There are real guns made as tiny as these replica guns, we caught one recently in Miami," says Koshertz. "Our officers have been trained to look for threats inside every day items and this (cell phone) is in fact a stun gun."

13 guns were taken away at PBIA last year, along with 1,500 pounds of other weapons, tools and even Christmas gifts. Sets of silverware and decorations with more than three ounces of liquid were also found.

Koshetz says if it can't go on the plane - check it.

"A lot of passengers aren't paying attention to what's on the list and they're still bringing this plethora of prohibited items to our checkpoints," says Koshertz.

"Does it make longer lines? Yes, I heard someone say 'travel isn't easy any more,' but that's not the point, the point is to keep everyone safe," says Gill.

Hazardous items taken from passengers are disposed of. If an item can be sold online, the profits are given to charity.

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