Air traffic control furloughs cause minor delays at PBIA for flights to NYC

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Most flights in and out of Palm Beach International were on schedule Monday, but some were delayed partly because of air traffic control furloughs.

Most of the delayed flights were to and from the New York City area.

"When I checked in they told me I was delayed because of the furloughs. I expected it," traveler Lisa Thomas said.

Thomas was returning to New York after vacationing in West Palm Beach. She wasn't stressed by the delay, but other business travelers weren't taking it as well.

"I would like to see the people in Congress do their job and figure stuff out so we don't have to deal with this," Heath Gieson said.

Gieson was traveling with his business partner Mike Garaghen.

"It is interesting to see how Washington's inability to get something done is impacting our daily lives," Garaghen said.

The FAA released a statement saying, in part: "travelers can expect to see a wide range of delays that will change throughout the day depending on staffing and weather."

They said the staffing challenges are at New York Center, Fort Worth Center, Jacksonville Center, and Los Angeles Center.

FAA reps say the controllers will space planes farther apart so they can manage traffic with current staff, which will lead to delays.

"I'll get home late tonight, so it's not the end of the world," traveler Lisa Thomas said.

Others, though, remained angry with government.

"Do your job so I can do mine," Mike Garaghen said.

The FAA says Sunday there were approximately 400 delays in the system attributable to staffing reductions resulting from the furlough.


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