Adam Mayers charged with stealing a $168,000 Bentley car

WEST PALM BEACH, Fl. - Adam Mayers has been arrested by the West Palm Beach and charged with stealing a Bentley worth $168,000 and a Ford F-350 truck.

Last July Steven Yariv who owns Dealers Choice Auto Transport told WPTV's Evan Axelbank  that his company was the middle man in the purchase of a Bentley from West Palm Beach.

Yariv says the Bentley that he was sending to New York City never made it.

It was an almost one-of-a-kind Bentley, a 2012 model with a white interior.

A dealer in the Big Apple wanted one for himself, so he bought it from a West Palm Beach dealer who used Yariv's company to ship it.

It was supposed to be a two-day shipping process to New York involving only one subcontractor.

But he says they handed it off to a second one with a questionable past.

The car never showed up.

"The customer was extremely upset. He called us thirty, forty times a day and yelled and screamed."

He wrote a check for $168,000 to cover the cost.

West Palm Beach Police say that on July 3, 2013, Adam Mayers went to pick up the Bentley at a West Palm Beach dealership driving a Ford F 350 truck.

Mayers according to police showed up at  the dealership with papers indicating he was transporting the car.

Police say that Mayers left the dealership with the Bentley.

Investigators say that the Ford F 350 was supposed to be delivered to Arizona but never arrived.

Mayers was arrested by the West Palm Beach on charges that he stole the Bentley and the Ford F 350.

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