Accused synthetic marijuana company Mr. Nice Guy reemerges in Florida through new 'relaxanol' drink

Drug rehab centers are concerned by new product

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - It promises to help you sleep and relax, but a new drink that is being manufactured by a West Palm Beach company is raising eyebrows.

It is called “Mr. Nice Guy” and is being labeled as a “relaxanol.”

The name might sound familiar because it has been used before to market what investigators at the DEA deemed as synthetic marijuana also known as K2 or spice. The small, foil packets distributed by the company were labeled with a bright, yellow smiley face with two Xs for eyes.

After facing federal charges, the company is now back on the scene with a beverage.

“They’re trying to mask it in another form. They’re trying to get around it. Obviously you can’t detect the drink,” said Travis Broughten at Halfway There Drug Rehabilitation.

Broughten said it looks suspicious that the same company that is accused of producing the 2012 explosion on Georgia Avenue is now making a beverage.

He also said it is a red flag that the owner of the company, Dylan Harrison, was recently sentenced to 18 months in prison for the previous operation.

The drink contains ingredients that the company claims will help someone fall asleep. But it is not FDA approved.

When reached for comment, no one at Mr. Nice Guy was available to speak.

On the company website it proclaims, “We are back and here to stay, you could say with a vengeance.”

Broughten said it is just one more substance he recommends his clients stay away from.

The DEA said it was made aware of the drink.

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