Aaron Hill: Beating of autistic teen gaining attention on social media

OKEECHOBEE, Fla. - The story of the beating is gaining a lot of attention on social media. From Facebook to twitter, #justiceforaaron is popping up all over the world.

It all started on social media. Someone posted a video which police say shows Andrew Wheeler beating Aaron Hill last Friday night.

Now thousands of people have seen it, moving some to take a stand.

"It's great to see so many people are hearing about the situation," explained Samantha Hull. She was so moved by the incident, she participated in a rally in downtown Okeechobee Friday to raise awareness about the situation even though she's never met Hill.

"I wish more people were out here with signs, but it's good to know that a lot of people are becoming aware of what happened," she said.

But social media also has drawbacks. The chief of police told NewsChannel 5 inaccuracies about the case can spread faster than they can be corrected.

"The young lady who put the post up had incorrect information and basically told lies which has resulted in a very negative impact against me and my agency," Chief Dennis Davis said.

Still, positive messages outweigh the rumors. Aaron's sister, Brittany Hill, said it's heartwarming to see one post after another showing support.

"Just by them taking the effort to tell me which state and country it was shared in, it means a lot," she said.

#justiceforaaron is taking twitter by storm. A Facebook page created late Thursday named Justice for Aaron has more than 30,000 followers.

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