A new mobile green market is making an express trip through West Palm's Westgate neighborhood

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The average West Palm Beach resident might not realize it, but the homes in West Palm Beach's Westgate neighborhood, are in the middle of a desert, a food desert.

"Any area where the distance was greater than a mile for families to have access to fresh vegetables, grains or milk, and Westgate got labeled a food desert," said Peter Robinson.

To help bring life to this vegetable void, Robinson, with some help from the Quantum Foundation, started the Westgate Green Market Express.

"To make the farm fresh vegetables accessible to the whole community, I thought it would be best to create something that went door to door, than be in one permanent place, hence the mobile cart," said Robinson.  

The cart itself is a model of the "green lifestyle" currently en vogue.  An all electric, street legal delivery vehicle, capable of carrying a cart-load of veggies.

"We have an established route map.  It's going to travel throughout the community, every Saturday morning," said Robinson.  

In addition to the produce, the market will also advocate a healthier lifestyle.

"I've gotten the Palm Beach County Health Department involved, and we're going to have a licensed dietitian on the cart, once a month or more," said Robinson.  

For the more economically challenged residents, buying fresh food, will still be a "snap".  "We're also going to accept SNAP, the food stamp program.  If someone shops using their SNAP card, they'll get double the volume of product," said Robinson.  

The Westgate Green Market Express starts it's run Saturday morning, at eight.  It will continue until it runs out of vegetables.

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