A Florida Senate Panel is pushing a new bill that would allow some teachers to pack guns in school

Guns could be one step closer to legally being in some Florida classrooms.

A new controversial proposal that could arm some teachers and school employees won the support of some on a Florida Senate Panel Monday night.

Despite opposition from school boards and some teachers unions, the proposal is gaining some traction.

"We are all panicked about having a shooter in a school. I'm open to creative solutions," parent Julia Sanna said in Lake Worth.

Senate Bill 968 would let school superintendents and principals pick certain employees to carry concealed weapons.

"I understand the fear. If there is a gun in school and there is an unstable kid who goes and gets it...that is a problem. But on the other side, you have to think about the shooters. Someone could have stopped them. My heart is still broken from Sandy Hook," Sanna said.

Under the proposal, teachers carrying a gun would be required to have a background in the military, law enforcement experience, or a concealed carry license.

"I think it if is after sixth grade, then they should carry. Anything under that, I would say no," parent Christopher Torres said.

The Palm Beach County School Board released the following statement regarding the issue:

""The School District of Palm Beach County believes that only trained law enforcement professionals should be carrying a weapon on School District property. Multiple factors must be taken into consideration during a crisis situation. For this reason, schools have a Crisis Team and protocols in place to ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff."

The owner of Palm Beach Shooting center says something should be done now.

"They mine as well do something now to prevent a mass tragedy than to wait and say maybe I should have done something different, Papp said.

If the bill passes, employees would have forty hours of gun training to carry a weapon.


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