56 dogs confiscated from breeder's house in Loxahatchee find homes through Animal Care and Control

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Sharailya Phillips decided to adopt four-year-old Froggy after caring for her for several months. 

“She seemed very strong, independent. I just got so attached,” said Phillips.

In April, Froggy, along with 55 other dogs, a hedgehog, a goat and a pig, were taken from Martina Alfonso’s Loxahatchee home. Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control said the animals were living in deplorable conditions and Alfonso was breeding them without a license.

“Some were very thin. Most had skin conditions. They stunk so badly that it took multiple baths before people could even be around them without nearly gagging," Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Director Diane Sauve said.

Froggy, having bred at least three litters, was in the worst shape.

"Froggy literally couldn’t be turned on her back without passing out and turning blue,” said Sauve.

The French bulldog had a breathing condition complicated by a cleft palate disorder.

Volunteer Lance Goodwin helped raise funds for her to receive surgery.

“She had hard palate surgery, soft palate surgery, she had her nasal passages enlarged so she could breathe,” said Goodwin.

Sauve said, “To take a dog like this and it’s bad enough, it’s immoral that we breed for these bizarre and exaggerated features but then to take a dog that’s so physically compromised and to breed a dog like that is absolutely criminal.”

Alfonso is facing several counts of animal cruelty charges. She’s due in court in August for a status hearing.