$4 gas price average stalls taxi drivers

Gas prices in Palm Beach county highest in state

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Gas prices in Palm Beach County became the highest on average in the state - peaking at above $4 a gallon, according to AAA.

The new average is not only the highest, but it makes Palm Beach County the first area to reach such a price in the state of Florida.

"I can't afford it. Most people people can't afford it." said Susan Caruso of Boca Raton. "So what do we do? What about the people that are on fixed incomes? What about the people that are out of work?"

While the prices are hard to stomach for daily commuters, the increased cost for a gallon of gas is crippling those who depend on gas to make a living.

Taxi drivers drive all over the county for hours every day and they say the added few cents at the pump are really starting to add up.

"That's how we survive. We have to go from here to there, taking customer from here to destination and we need gas," said Mohsen Baney, a taxi driver.

Not only are taxi drivers stuck having to pay the higher price in order to fuel their livelihood, they can't even raise their rate in order to compensate for the higher cost of doing business. They are stuck having to foot the increased costs when filling up.

"If we're looking for a solution for gas prices raising all the time, on our part it would be to raise the meter," said Hercule Milhomme, a taxi driver.

In addition, taxi drivers say that warmer temperatures have arrived in northern states earlier and that means that travel to Florida is slowing down.

In order to try and make up for the difference, some taxi drivers have to work longer hours and extra days. To make things worse, they can't even think about doing something else for a living.

"This car is my business, that's how I survive and support my family with this car. So I own this car. That's why I can't go nowhere. I have to get stuck with my job," said Baney.

Drivers say all they want is for a little relief at the pumps and hope a dip in prices comes soon.

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