3rd graders attending a summer reading program

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - According to the Palm Beach County School District, more than 27-hundred third graders did not pass the reading portion of the FCAT.

Dr. Glenda Garrett, principal of Roosevelt Elementary School said, "We were really excited when the results came in especially for writing, we were somewhat disappointed with 3rd grade reading. We thought we had put a lot of time and certainly new strategies in that area."

Dr. Garrett says in order for the students to move on to the 4th grade, they will need to pass a summer reading program. Joy Siedman, the school's reading coach, is getting them prepared for summer classes.

"There are 14 different reading bench marks from the state and we review those bench marks with them and we give them mini assessments and as they pass we check them off in their portfolio that way they have a good bunch under their belt completed before they go to summer school."

Not only are the 3rd graders receiving help from the reading coach, but they are also getting help from Jacqueline Thomas-Baker, the math coach.

"You have to use reading skills when you are doing math problems, a word math problem. If you cannot comprehend that problem, you cannot solve it, " said Jacqueline.

The school is counting on the extra help. Meanwhile, Cheryl Alligood, the school district's Chief Academic Officer says next August there will be a new reading plan for all elementary schools.

"We are implementing next year a new literacy program for grades k through 5. It's a research based program and it really is a structured approach. It goes to the individual student needs in reading and writing," said Cheryl.

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