30 dogs rescued from hoarders in Alabama are here in West Palm Beach

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue helping with rescue

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Thirty neglected dogs rescued from animal hoarders in Houston County, Alabama are recovering in South Florida.

The dogs were part of more than 200 animals who were removed from a property on February 28th.

"Unfortunately just the condition of these animals, it's hard to put into words. I know the pictures tell a thousand words but we're happy to help any way we can," said Humane Society of the Palm Beaches executive director David Miller.

Miller said hoarding, which describes when a person takes on too many animals to care for, is a scene all too familiar to his shelter in West Palm Beach.

"This happened in Alabama but unfortunately these situations occur every day within Florida and even South Florida and Palm Beach County," said Miller.

Several of these dogs were starved and most were neglected for months.

The Humane Society of the Palm Beaches goal is to find these dogs a happy home.

"It's a great day every day we see an animal go home, especially when we can rehabilitate and nurse them back from situations as horrible as this one. It makes us feel good for what we do," said Miller.

These 30 rescued dogs won't be immediately available for adoption but some will be in as little as two weeks and others in about two months.

That's because some have been starved so long, they need certain medication and treatment before adoption.

The Humane Society of the Palm Beaches is housing the 30 dogs, which have been vaccinated, tested and triaged for injuries since their rescue.

The shelter also currently houses 300 other dogs and cats which are immediately available for adoption.

For more information on how to adopt a pet at this shelter, visit its website.

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