West Palm Beach condo building concerned about residents not cleaning up after their pets

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Talk to dog owners outside the Courtyards at CityPlace and they'll tell you there is a problem.

The condo board is trying to figure out who is not cleaning up their pooch’s waste -- and they're considering taking doggie DNA.

The board is in talks with a company called PooPrint.

Each dog owner would have to swab their dog's mouth and then the DNA would be put into a database if the condo board approves the policy.

“I would love to walk my dog and not have to look exactly where I’m stepping,” neighbor Wendy Whiten said.

Some complexes in Jupiter and Boca Raton have similar programs.

Each test costs anywhere from $30-65.

And PooPrint says it already has close to one thousand clients nationwide.

“It probably would scare certain people, but I don’t know if it would scare everyone,” Whiten said.

The company claims the "scare factor" encourages people to start picking up.

“If it works, then that is what the condos need to do to keep feces off the ground,” neighbor Tiffany Balbuena said.

Others aren’t so sure.

“Children tread it in. Dogs tread it in. But I think the idea is a bit much,” neighbor Joanna Atkinson said.

The Courtyards at CityPlace has yet to make a final decision -- but if the policy goes through – “poo-petrators” not using bags could face a fine.

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