Whole Hearted Orphanage: Wellington woman behind Haitian orphanage trying to help more children

WELLINGTON, Fla.-- Mary Leigh Zahn started 'Whole Hearted Orphanage' in 2010. She visited Haiti many times with her daughter, Paige, and knew she wanted to help those less fortunate.

"When we first went to Haiti I wanted to help one child, or one person, or touch one life in  a positive way. But it ended up helping me and changing my life," Zahn says.

The orphanage, which is located thirty miles east of Port-au-Prince, can only support about a dozen kids. Zahn wants to help more.

She's trying to raise more than a million dollars to expand her orphanage, so it can support nearly 100 children.

On June 15, Zahn is teaming up with the Lilly Pulitzer store at the Boca Raton Town Center Mall.

The store is holding a "Shop for Charity" event in which it will donate ten percent of its sales from that day to Whole Hearted Orphanage. Shoppers can also call in to the store prior to the event and still help support the charity by shopping ahead of June 15.

Click  here for more information in the Whole Hearted Orphanage. 

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