Wellington to cut down dozens of palm trees

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Realtor Angela Weltzien says houses aren't always what close a real estate deal.

"You take people from other states... there is nothing like this," said Weltzien.

She's referring to the regal palm trees that she says increase property values in the area.

But Wellington Village Manager Paul Schofield has decided to remove all the palm trees along Aero Club Drive and Greenbriar Blvd.

The plan is to remove the six-hundred palm trees over the next three years.

"The swales on Aero Club Road don't convey water, this is to fix the swales not a tree project," said Schofield.
He said the trees pose a safety issue.

"We've got power outages I have to fix the drainage," said Schofield.

The village sent letters to the property managers in the area but Angela says it should have been brought in front of the council.

"No one told us, it wasn't in the paper, it was just decided," said Weltzien.

"It's a budgeted project so I don't know that typically we would have to go back to them," said Schofield.

The village manager says it costs $40,000 a year to maintain the palm trees. Replacing all the trees would cost at least $90,000 but he says there would be low annual maintenance costs.

Florida Power and Light says it will only pay to remove the trees near power lines. The rest, FPL says, will fall on the village.

"Without them, I don't know it just becomes another intersection and another road, there's no difference in it," said Weltzier.

Angela says residents aren't going to take this lying down.

"An absolute uproar. Hopefully we come to an agreement before that," said Weltzier.

Residents are expected to speak out at Tuesday night's council meeting. When asked if he would reconsider, Schofield did not give a definitive answer.


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