Wellington store selling rare bottle of wine for $168,000

The new bottle of wine in Amit Patel's store, STAR liquors, comes in a case that protects a case, that has a tube suspended by titanium string.
It is a 2004 Cabernet in a hand-blown glass bottle that he saw at a recent liquor expo.
"I guess when I saw it the first time, I was drunk," admitted Patel.
Penfolds made it from the oldest, continuously producing vines in the world.
It's the only bottle in the United States.  And it can be yours for only $168,000.
"The other ten bottles are already sold," said Kathy Kushay of Southern Wine and Spirits." This is the last one for sale. There will not be another one."
Patel says two people from Wellington's polo scene are, "forty-percent" interested.

Alejanda Orozzo is not one of them. "No way!!" she said.

What can you get for 168-thousand dollars? Well, for starters, you could get 33,600 bottles of the cheapest wine STAR liquors sells.

If the store can't sell it, there's a contingency plan. "On my fiftieth anniversary we'll open it," said Pritika Patel. But that's still 25 years away.
They have 168,000 reasons to want to sell it.
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