Wellington road project has residents wondering its purpose

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Residents are questioning the reasoning behind the road construction project on Greenview Shores Boulevard in Wellington. They say the road seems fine as it is. Village officials, though, say the road is showing signs of deterioration that's going on below the surface.

Officials say the project is being paid for mostly by gas tax money. That's money the state earns when people fill up their gas tanks. The state then divides the money among municipalities across Florida.

The project should last until July 17. By fixing the pavement, the Village is preventing water from getting into the cracks that are currently visible. Officials say if water gets into the cracks, it can get deeper into the pavement, causing the road to break down quicker than usual.

The project stretches from Wellington Landings Middle School down to Goldenrod Road. There will also be a bit of work done on Greenview Shores in front of the Publix shopping plaza.

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