Wellington Father mourns loss of son Liran Eterly in Israeli Military

WELLINGTON, Fla. - 31-year-old Liran Eterly, an Israeli soldier, died last week in the conflict with Hamas.

His father David lives in Wellington and the news has been devastating

"It is difficult I can't tell you that most of the time I am on the phone with David and his family is spent just crying together. It's so difficult for him to think about anything," said Wellington Jewish Center Rabbi Mendy Muskal.

Rabbi Muskal started posting the story on the organization's Facebook page. He says David's son  was part of the Israeli military reserve. "Liran was at the staging area with groups and groups of soldiers and the mortar rockets started falling. The first two fell there were unfortunately quite a lot of wounded and Liran was instrumental in grabbing 20 of his comrades."

He says after saving the men just before a cease fire, he was killed. Now his father and bride of three weeks are mourning his loss. "They had a future to spend together unfortunately that wouldn't be."

Rabbi  Muskal says the family is now in Israel for the funeral. But the cost to travel there is a big expense. "It is so costly for five tickets overnight and a couple of thousand dollars a ticket it's about ten thousand dollars in the air fare."
The rabbi is taking donations to pay for funeral costs as he tries to ease the pain of a friend. "The least we can do is somehow pitch in and help out in our small way."

Wellington Jewish Center

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