Wellington council members don't want State Road 7 becoming a fast food corridor

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Village council members have reservations about State Road 7 becoming a corridor for fast food.

From south of Southern Boulevard to Stribling Way, you'll find more than a half dozen fast food restaurants on State Road 7.

"I mean it's ridiculous," Ted Jako said. "You look up the corner over there and you feel like you're on Okeechobee Boulevard."

Glenn Hart has lived in the area for 30 years and he can't stand all of the fast food chains and development that's made it's way to Wellington.

"It's not very appealing to be truthful," Hart said.

Village Green's McDonald's and Taco Bell on State Road 7 near Stribling Way are the newest additions to State Road 7.

"I came out of Taco Bell because it's here," Jako said after eating at the newest Taco Bell in town. "But I would prefer it wasn't here."

Wellington Village Manager Paul Schofield said having the fast food chains wasn't part of the original plans.

Council accepted the changes, but now with Ward Real Estate looking to bring another fast food restaurant into the Village Green Development, council is asking for something else.

"I don't have the first thing in the world against a fast food restaurant, but I'd just like to see something where a business supports multiple Wellington families and people can go for a variety of services," Schofield said.

Ward Real Estate said they don't plan on changing their plans as of now.

However, council wants more local businesses to go on the property.

Neighbors of the development like Hart agree.

"That's a wonderful thought if it'd every work," he said. "I'm afraid that it won't, but it'd be nice."
The village manager said the developer's plans for Village Green is being sent to Tallahassee for review.

There will be two hearings after the review is done before construction can start.

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