Volunteer group with Gaskov Clerge Foundation getting ready to help in Haiti

WELLINGTON, Fla. -- The Gaskov Clerge Foundation is preparing its volunteers for a week long mission trip to Haiti.

The group of volunteers, who leave next Saturday, are mainly doctors and nurses who provide free medical attention to Haitians.

Doctors with the group say for some Haitians, this is their only source of medical attention the entire year.

"The hospitals are not well equipped. The clinics are not well equipped. The population is really overwhelming," said Dr. Serge Thys, the medical director of the group.

One pediatrician, Dr. Ronald Romear, says this will be his fourth trip with the foundation. He says he's seen illnesses in Haiti he's only ever seen before in textbooks, including a case of glaucoma in a nine-month-old.

The group expects to treat several thousand people during its visit.

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