Village of Wellington considers ordinance to stop pedestrians from soliciting on medians

WELLINGTON, Fla. -- It's an issue that's been discussed as a safety concern across Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, but Wellington could be first to change the rules. 

An ordinance is being considered in the Village of Wellington to stop pedestrians from soliciting on medians.

The ordinance would include everybody, including people who are homeless and non-profit organizations who want to ask drivers for money. If passed, pedestrians would be prohibited from stopping and standing on medians unless they are crossing the street, or making authorized repairs to a median.

At maximum, the agenda item says, violators could face fines of up to, but not exceeding, $500 and 60 days jail time.

The ordinance states that it will protect First Amendment rights, allowing free speech activities to be protected on public sidewalks, but that medians would be off-limits for solicitations and advertising.

If the ordinance is passed in first reading Tuesday night, it could be passed in a final vote and adopted at the council meeting on July 10.

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