Village of Wellington considers buying old golf course

Another South Florida community is faced with the question: What to do with an old golf course?

This time the issue is coming up in Wellington, and this time the golf course has ties to a controversial name: John Goodman.

The old Executive Golf Course at the Wanderer's club is what the city council is talking about buying.

They are just in the discussion phase and will talk about it at their Tuesday evening council meeting.

"I think the biggest benefit is we have a piece of land here that has a great public purpose," Vice Mayor John Greene said.

The Wanderer's Club is owned by a trust connected to John Goodman.

Goodman is the Polo Club founder convicted in a  2012 DUI Manslaughter case. He was granted a new trial.

According to the Village Manager, to his knowledge John Goodman does not have control of the property. But some people nearby are concerned.

"I think the public will have an opinion about that," neighbor Cris Ricardy said.

The Village Manager says they've only spoken to an attorney about the property, never Goodman.

"They are separate issues. Our focus is on making an acquisition of the land and we are going to do what is in the best interest of  the Village of Wellington. There is no connection as far as we see," Vice Mayor Greene said.

The council will talk about buying the property at Tuesday night's meeting.

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