USPS: A behind the scenes look at the busiest shipping day of the year

What it takes to make final deliveries happen

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Rachelle Schultheis was a little late for dinner this Christmas Eve but her family wouldn't have it any other way.

"My whole entire family is in the post office," said Schultheis.

Decked out in Christmas bells.

"I have jingle bells! I feel funner and jollier," said Schultheis.

She's just one of the postal carriers who make sure your Christmas cards arrive on time and in one piece.

The people and dogs on her route can set their watch by her arrival.

"You get to see everyone, people that are normally at work. Everyone is home and expecting something from you," said Schultheis.

Rachelle says many postal workers put their own stamps on cards when you forget.

They also seek out the right house when the address is misspelled.

"They may have forgotten you know, accidents happen, I don't want it take longer to get back to them," said Schultheis.

Postal workers worked through the night to make sure your presents are under the tree by Christmas morning.

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