Thousands crowd Mall at Wellington Green for Black Friday shopping

WELLINGTON, Fla. -- Doors opened at midnight at the Mall at Wellington Green Friday morning.

Mall employees say more than a thousand people waited outside to get in and take advantage of Black Friday deals.

The crowd died down a few hours later, before picking up again later in the day.

Mall employees say they noticed a trend in shoppers. Rather than shop alone, many came with family members.

Bob Byrne came with his wife, daughter and mother-in-law. He said he doesn't like shopping, but has no choice when it comes to Black Friday.

"Before I had to work on Black Friday -- now I don't so I have to go shopping," Byrne said.

He added he has one job during Black Friday: he carries the shopping bags.

His daughter, Megan, said the crowds were a lot calmer this year compared to last year.

"Last year it got crazy," Megan said. "There were a few cart shoves. It was fun."

The Black Friday deals are limited. Some ended Friday morning, while others last throughout the day.

For shoppers who choose not to go out on Black Friday, there's still plenty of time to get your gifts.

The Mall at Wellington Green is extending its hours in December to make shopping more accessible.

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