Tea Party rallies on Tax Day

WELLINGTON, Fla. - A large crowd of supporters of the Tea Party filled the Wellington Amphitheater with signs in hand, protesting the current work of President Barrack Obama and the government.

U.S. Representative Allen West was one of the main speakers who many supporters of the Tea Party came to see.  

Over the past three years, he has seen the Tea Party events grow and with it so has support of his work in Washington, D.C.

"$5 Trillion in debt in three years and three months is more than from George Washington to Bill Clinton. Now I don't know what we can say to them when they hear that," West said about the nation's debt and people who support the current President.

Though there were protesters of President Obama, there were also about a dozen protesters of West's work and what he says.

"His policies, his rhetoric, his recent statements about the majority of people in Congress being communists," Stephanie Rosendorf said she was protesting. "Just in general, (we're against) his extreme speech and extreme actions."

When asked about the protesters, West quickly responded by saying, "God help them."  

The reason for Sunday's gathering in Wellington is because April 15th is tax day.  On the 15th, Tea Party supporters use it as an opportunity to push their creed, which is that they're taxed enough already.

"I think that people should keep what they earn," Sid Dinerstein of the Palm Beach County GOP said. "People should feel a sense of desire to want to create and everybody works just like it always has been."

Rosendorf and the group of students and working professionals she was with agreed with prosperity and people working hard to become successful, but say that everyone should pay their fair share.

Rosendorf supported the Buffet rule and believes the wealthiest one percent of Americans should pay like everyone else.

With the general election rolling around in November, the debate will continue on how people should be taxed in the United States of America.

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