SUV crashes into canal

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Palm Beach County Fire Rescue responded to a call of an SUV crashing into a canal Wednesday morning.

It happened in Wellington on Lake Worth Road and 120th Avenue just after 3 a-m.

After a thorough search, first responders determined there was no one inside the vehicle to rescue.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue District Chief Samuel Eaton said a girl flagged down a passerby to alert authorities.
First responders were told they might have to rescue up to 4 people. But it was the wrong address. Rescuers then found the correct location.

After determining no rescue was needed, a tow truck arrived and hauled off the white SUV which had rolled over into the canal.

The scene of the crash is on the opposite side of the road where John Goodman, a billionaire polo mogul, is accused of crashing his Bentley into the vehicle of Scott Patrick Wilson. Wilson died. Goodman is now facing vehicular manslaughter and DUI charges related to that incident.

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