South Florida family claims lab misinterpreted woman's pap smear test, resulting in her death

Darian Wisekal's family filed suit against LabCorp

WELLINGTON, Fla. - The family of a woman from Wellington claims two false negative results on pap smears changed their lives. Now they are trying to prevent a similar tragedy from happening to someone else.

Darian Wisekal went from being a model wife and mother, to a woman confined to a hospital bed they could barely recognize.

“A  lot of people say it was like pictures from the Holocaust, what she looked like,” said her husband John Wisekal.

In 2008, Darian started complaining of pain and exhaustion.

“She was always at the doctors trying to find out why she was not feeling her typical self," said John.

Her husband said a doctor performed a pap smear, a test for cervical cancer, and sent the results to Laboratory Corporation of America, a nationwide testing company.

“Which came back clear, no problem," said John.

In 2010, Darian had the same test performed again with the same company.

“Again, it came back negative,” said John.

It was Darian’s doctor who made the discovery.

“He said you have a very large mass So, they said most likely it's cancer," said John.

Darian passed away a year later.

“This shouldn't have happened, I shouldn't be here in this position,” said John.

John Wisekal filed suit against LabCorp. His attorney Sean Domnick claimed the company failed to properly interpret her results.

“They misread not only one pap smear slide, but two,” said Domnick. “I think there's no doubt this happens more than people know about,” he said.

LabCorp was asked repeatedly for comment but hasn’t responded. In court documents, a company attorney claimed Darian suffered from a rare “pre-existing” condition and states she was negligent for not getting a pap smear in 2009.

The trial is scheduled to start later this month.  Meanwhile, John said he’s struggling to fill the role of both parents.

“They don't have that mother figure, the guidance to raise them properly and to give them that love a mother should give them,” said John.

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