School district robo calls cause problems for Palm Beach County family

Strangers are calling after wrong number given out

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.-- Stacy Holcroft has a lot of missed calls. But they're not from anyone she knows.

They're calls from parents looking for Palm Beach County school bus information.

"The school district is handing out my phone number to all the people for transportation for their buses for their kids this year," said Holcroft.

Holcroft took about 40 calls Monday night after the automated robo message went out.

She's received more 50 calls Tuesday.

Here's part of the message with Holcroft's number: “Agents in our customer service call center will be on hand should you have any questions and may be reached at (phone number).

The problem is that the district's number is off by one.

"I felt bad for the parents, so tried my best to give them the real number which I have memorized because it happens every summer," said Holcroft. "We called them last year and the year before and they just keep saying that everyone's misdialing but I finally realized they can't all be misdialing the phone number."

"We did have a hiccup with one of the numbers in our communication," said Alex Sanchez, a Palm Beach County school spokesperson.

District officials have spoken with Holcroft and her husband, promising to fix the error shortly.

"We will be sending another communication this evening and all families will receive a message in English or Spanish or Creole to ensure that they have the right phone number," Sanchez said.

A corrected robo call message went out around 4:30 p-m.

The correct number for Palm Beach County School District Transportation Call Center is (561) 242-6565.

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