Roxanne Stein recovering from spill during horse jump

She didn't realize her recovery would take so long

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. -- NewsChannel 5's Roxanne Stein was back on the news Friday morning. Not as an anchor, but a guest.

She's still recovering from a spill she took while riding her horse Bamboo on December 22nd.

"I'm feeling OK, day by day," Roxanne told her co-anchor John Favole

"It's very difficult to understand that it would take this long," she said.

She was also quick to add that she realizes many people have been in situations much worse. "There are people suffering far, far more."

When Roxanne fell off her horse, her left hand rolled under her body and she suffered a compound fracture. Her ulna bone was broken and her radius bone broke in six places.

She said the radius was pulverized. "It has to heal right, the bone has to kind of re-heal or regrow and the nerves have to reconnect and all of that and that's what's taking so long, so it's a whole lot of doing nothing and a lot of pain while that continues to heal, which means a lot of painkillers that are pretty strong."

She said her physical therapy as started and it is pretty challenging.

Originally she was optimistic that she would be back in the studio by the end of January. But, she's waiting for clearance from her doctor and physical therapist. She sees both today.

She's very thankful for all the notes, texts and messages of Facebook. She says they have helped with her healing.

You can write to Roxanne and wish her well on her Facebook page by clicking here or visiting:

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