Reports of attempted child abductions in western PBC

School officials sent email warning to parents

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - A Loxahatchee mother says her 13-year old daughter was able to avoid an abduction in western Palm Beach County on Monday. That incident was not the first of its kind reported in that part of the county this week.

School administrators are warning parents in both Loxahatchee and Wellington about reports of  a man in a car approaching young females; some as they walk home from school. The warning was scary for parents in both communities who got a notice in their email inbox this week warning them about two recent reports of a man trying to lure young children into his car.

Loxahatchee's Tiffanie Hoffman said the first incident involved her 13-year old daughter, Jasmine. She says Jasmine was walking home from Osceola Middle School when she was approached by a man in a car asking if she needed a ride. Jasmine declined and says the man followed her until she ran home. 

"He came back and pulled his car up beside me and started getting out of his car so when I saw him open the door, I started running. My first thing was I started running," said Jasmine.

A similar situation just miles away in Wellington has the Hoffmans on edge and also thankful the incident did not go any further.

 "When I finally got the notification that the exact same thing with the exact same description happened to another little girl, I literally got goosebumps and just was ready for tears," said Tiffanie.

That other incident, school officials wrote, occurred in the 1400 block of  Wyndcliff Road. In both cases, the girls describe a male driver in a silver four-door sedan, possibly a Toyota.

Hoffman has filed a report with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office but says no arrests have been made in connection with either incident. Parents, meanwhile, are encouraged to talk to their kids about this and make sure children are not walking alone. 

"It is very serious," said Jasmine's mother. "She is my whole heart and I don't know what I would do if something were to happen to her."

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