New warning after old scam resurfaces in South Florida

WELLINGTON, Fla. -- Authorities have issued a new warning after an old scam resurfaced in South Florida.

Karen Ford, a Wellington resident, said that she opened a box delivered to her home and discovered that someone had purchased more than $7,000 of merchandise and charged it to a department store credit card.

"My older daughter signed for it but she's always signing for stuff because I do a lot of my shopping online," Ford said. "I'm shipping it back. And, I closed my account."

Ford, law enforcement sources said, was fortunate.

Most of the time, the perpetrator of the scam steals the merchandise after it is delivered to a home -- while the resident is away.

"[The scam] has been around for a while and it's not surprising," Dave Aronberg, the Palm Beach County State Attorney said. "You have criminals who have relatives or girlfriends or boyfriends who are working inside a business that has access to your personal... information and that information can then get transmitted and misused."

Aronberg said established precautions such as destroying receipts and checking monthly account statements may protect people from being victimized.

Another precaution was to ask for password-protected charges, Aronberg said.

In addition to this, the Federal Trade Commission has compiled a list of ways to safeguard yourself from identity theft .
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