Neighbors angry with city's plan to remove trees, fences from backyards

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Many neighbors in Wellington's Eastwood neighborhood are upset with the city's plan to remove trees and fences along drainage canals.

The city is maintaining and digging out the canals and is telling neighbors that any trees or debris within about 25 feet of the canals will be removed in the Eastwood neighborhood along certain canals.

Neighbors say the city hasn't enforced the rules for thirty years, so many people built fences and planted trees that have grown.

"We bought the house for the yard and all the trees and plants and now we're losing it all," neighbor Lisa Cernak said.

Cernak says she is considering selling her home and moving because she will lose most of her backyard.

"We're just upset. It is not fair and it is not right for them to take my backyard," Cernak said.

About one hundred other neighbors are also impacted.

The city says they own the right of way for about 25 feet from the canal.

The city's public works director says the canals must be maintained to allow drainage and protect the entire city.

But neighbors question why this hasn't come up in decades in the Eastwood neighborhood until now.

"They have had years to maintain these canals and they haven't. I haven't seen them back here doing anything and I've been here three years," neighbor Sarah Gandrey said.

The public works director says they hope they won't have to remove every single tree and will do their best to move machinery around trees if possible.

No word when the process will begin in Eastwood, but it has already started in other parts of Wellington.


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