Mothers earning more money than fathers on the rise

JUPITER, Fla. - Father of two Chris Seal is a stay-at-home dad. The marine says he and his wife made the decision before their children were born.

"She works as a director at NextEra Energy. She manages wind farms across the country, so she is in renewable energy," said Chris.

According to the Pew Research Center, in 19-60, only 11 percent of women earned the most money compared to fathers in the homes. Now it's 40 percent of married and single mothers who earn more than the dads. A reason for the change-- women make up almost half of the U-S labor force. And the employment rate of married women with kids has gone up since 19-70.

Chris said, "I guess people are trying to figure out new and better ways to run their household. So whatever makes sense, in their family situation and then it's beginning to make more sense to forget the stereotype and just do what makes sense for your family."

As his wife spends time traveling, he has perfected cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and picking up the kids after school. A change he says is worth it financially.

"Let's just do the smart thing here. If you make more money than me and you are more career driven than I am, then let's explore that. And then you do your best to juggle all the things that are in our life," said Chris.

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